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May 2009

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Victoria Frances Butterfly

lladrones in utrecht_celts

Lecture + community stuff

Are any of you going to the lecture by Ann Dooley next Tuesday in Amsterdam?
I am going, and hoping to see some of you there :). It's really someone you won't see every day, and I think it's pretty cool she's coming to give a lecture in Amsterdam!

And I still haven't given up on this community yet!
Although I really need the help from you too. I need contributions from you!
So, if you want to share something about Celtic Studies, or about something else for that matter, please do. Maybe it would be nice as well to post Asterix-stuff here, as I am apparently not receiving very e-mail they send - I am often oblivious to the Asterix borrels while I would like to go to them.


I'm planning on going to the lecture in Amsterdam next Tuesday. Definitely hope to see you there!

Sounds like a good idea to share the Asterix emails, I seem to have gotten them all, but it certainly would be good to make sure that everyone gets to see them (particularly since you seem to have missed a few, it seems.)
Yay, so nice that you'll be coming.

And yes, I have missed a few of the e-mails and I know Daphne has been having some problems with this as well - I guess that comes with graduating... But the weird thing is, I receive some of the e-mails, but not all of them. I've said this to Asterix people several times but it does not seem to become better, so it would be good indeed to put the contents of the Asterix e-mails on this community. A least I won't have to miss the borrels anymore because I find out about them too late ;-).