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utrecht_celts's Journal

Utrecht Celts
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Students of Celtic Studies in Utrecht
At this moment, this community's main function is serving as a meeting place for students of Celtic Studies in Utrecht. So if you are studying Celtic Languages and Culture in Utrecht, planning on doing so or are an ex-student already, be welcome to join!

If you do so, please introduce yourself! Of course you could tell us about yourself in your own words, but I have also composed this little listie you could fill in:

1. What is your name? (It's not demanded of you to give your real name here, but if you do it's easier to recognise you as an Utrecht Celt :)

2. What year are you in?

3. Have you been abroad / are you studying abroad at this moment / are you planning on going abroad?

4. What is your main field of interest in Celtic Studies? Linguistics, literature? Or did you fall in love with one of the Celtic languages in particular? Maybe you have written your thesis already or you are doing research about something at the moment?

5. Are there other interests / hobbies you like to talk about, besides Celtic Studies?

6. ... => feel free to expand the list with anything you'd like to share about yourself and your studies!

When it comes to the rules of this community, there are no strict rules but the regular stuff: be respectful towards the other members, no excessive cursing and stuff, and most importantly: be nice.